In loving you I have found a beautiful eternity of expression for my soul. The first time our eyes met, my soul came out to play. Now the never ending muse of you makes me happier each day. To know deeper than anything I’ve ever known, that truly we were meant to be. Darling, you are the reason I found the vision to be more. I’m so grateful for this conversation, I want you to know you’re the inspiration I needed. I love you, dearly. Every memory is fond and close to my heart. The moments we shared may not be many but they are profound, and that is what truth is. And I’m grateful. You are never far from my thoughts.


Stark reality of a naked soul
Tortured by conformity
Not left to its own
Why would I want to let go of feelings that my soul finally recognizes?
What path to peace is more deconstructed than this?
What kind of language do you speak? I’ll learn it, and tell you in the simplest terms:

I love you

That’s it. It’s the end of the story